The Runt


The Runt invites you to join its 9th issue on an epic sea voyage. But be warned, here be monsters…

…and also stories and poems and sweets and stuff. All in the spirit of paying homage to the great briney mass of water from which our ancestors first crawled years and years and years ago. This celebration of the sea will feature:

– Daniel Wade
– Caitriona O’Malley
– Boris Belony
– Phillip Lynch
…and many more talented scribes!

– The return of our ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ extravaganza! In which you, the audience, get to exercise your autonomy in shaping the misfortunes of our luckless protagonist.

– Your chance to discover what fate awaits you the next time you set out to sea by consulting the powers of our magnificent maritime soothsayers!

€4 gets you in and includes a copy of the zine itself! (please ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ accordingly here)

The Runt: Lost at Sea sets sail on Thursday 19th May at twenty-hundred hours (that’s 8PM!) from The Beerhouse, Capel Street, Dublin (see ye olde sea map below or follow the North Star).